Latest Event

Workshop: Well-Being and Aging: Today and Tomorrow

When: November 13th, 2019

Where: University of Bern

Organizers: Mike Martin (UZH), Matthias Kliegel (UNIGE), Alexandra M. Freund (UZH), Paolo Ghisletta (UNIGE), Björn Rasch (UNIFR)

Sponsor: Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW – ASSH)


Past Events

Workshop: Semantic Activity Analytics

When: July 12-13th, 2018

Where: University of Zurich

Organizers: Mike Martin (UZH), Matthias Kliegel (UNIGE), Alexandra M. Freund (UZH), Paolo Ghisletta (UNIGE), Marianne Schmid Mast (UNIL), Björn Rasch (UNIFR)

Sponsor: University Research Priority Program (URPP) “Dynamics of Healthy Aging

The first national workshop on “Semantic Activity Analytics” was hosted by the URPP “Dynamics of Healthy Aging” at the University of Zurich. Over thirty experts from across Switzerland and representing the disciplines of psychology, neuroscience, medicine, information science, engineering, privacy law, and ethics, convened in Zurich to discuss the implications of this emerging area of research for healthy aging. As scientists and practitioners rely ever more on (mobile) digital devices to collect large amounts of daily activity and health-related data, a major challenge has become how to best combine and interpret all of this information. Taken from this perspective, the goal of semantic activity analytics is to develop, test, validate, apply, and optimize algorithms for rapidly interpreting what patterns of data mean for the long-term maintenance of health and subjective well-being in the aging population. 

Workshop: Define, Measure and Promote Quality of Life

When: May 20th (Part 1), September 12th (Part 2), and December 13th (Part 3), 2016

Where: University of Zurich (Part 1), University of Geneva (Part 2), University of Bern (Part 3)

Organizers: Mike Martin (UZH), Matthias Kliegel (UNIGE), Thomas Abel (UNIBE)

Sponsor: Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW – ASSH)

The impetus for this three-part workshop series was the WHO strategy paper “Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health” (2015). It proposed a new definition of health that focuses on the concept of quality of life, with an emphasis on strengthening those resources that are necessary for well-being and independent living. Quality of life is understood as a dynamic process that is controlled by the individual: Instead of the context-free investigation of individual disease-defining symptoms, the focus is on the individualized preservation of quality of life in everyday life. The concept and measurement of quality of life thus requires an empirically verifiable understanding of the interactions of characteristics, resources, impairments and decisions of individual persons over different periods of time. Such a dynamic and person-related concept of quality of life offers a solid basis for health promotion, disease prevention and quality of life maintenance in healthy and sick persons. The workshops were interdisciplinary in nature and were aimed at researchers and interested parties who are concerned with health and quality of life.